Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spectre Review

Okay this last quarter of the year was pretty rough time for movies. But thankfully it's slowly starting to make itself better.
We've had horrible movies like Pan and Good Dinosaur. Then it moved up when we had Mockingjay which had fine acting and story, but was lacking in composition and pacing. Next Victor Frankenstein was immensely better, but logic problems stopped it from getting top tier.

Finally we have the newest James Bond thriller "Spectre". And on top of that this is Daniel Craig's last venture in the Bond series. Does it live up to the hype? Short answer: YES!
Oh my goodness, did this movie succeed on all counts!

We pick up Bond after the events in Skyfall as he carries out the previous M's last wishes to find the mysterious man know as Ernst Stavro Bloefeld and stop him.

Along the way he has help from from the current M and tech wiz Q.

Let me say this: If you love the classic Bond series, you know that the name Bloefeld means something BIG. And Cristoph Waltz plays this so very menacingly. He took everything that the original villain had and just simply updated him for the modern times. No gimmicks. Just good acting.

What I also like about this is that we have M, Q, and Moneypenny fully involved and they contribute to the story. And to my knowledge, this is the first time Bond acted with a team. I love this addition!

Of course I can't forget the other villain C portrayed by Andrew Scott, who keeps showing up in my reviews for some reason. Take what he did when he played Moriarty and make it even more subtle. I never get tired of watching him act.

The movie has plenty of action and engaging story. I never got bored once in the whole thing.
As I mentioned, this is Craig's last Bond movie and man they certainly delivered and went all out with this one.

Out of the four movies, this is my favorite and it perfectly has the balance of the old Bond and the new Bond, which was the plan since Casino Royale. That movie was radically different from the Bond we knew, but as the series progressed it slowly became more of the classic Bond with a contemporary filter. And they executed this flawlessly. Definitely see it while it's still in theaters and pay top dollar for it.

As a side note, you would get more out of it by watching the past movies featuring Craig's Bond. Those being Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall. Spectre does reference events and characters from all of those. Even if you don't watch them, you won't get lost, but you would get more out of it. This deserves all the praise bit has already received and more.

At this point it's all smooth sailing from here.
Next Time:
Guys. We finally made it. Star Wars is coming!

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