Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Review

Let's be honest. This is a pretty ridiculous idea. Even reading the book was an admittedly silly endeavor. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it was refreshing to read a new interpretation after being raised in a household in which you are familiar with Pride & Prejudice in all its forms.
Therefore, I was excited to learn that this version was finally getting the movie treatment! How does it hold up?

This movie was actually a pretty solid adaptation. It managed to keep the plot moving at a decent pace while still holding your interest.
The acting is just bang on! I love this version of Elizabeth and Darcy! In a zombie apocalypse setting, their personalities make so much more sense. However, I think they still need more chemistry with each other. A minor complaint, but noticeable.
Speaking of acting, Matt Smith and Lena Hedley as Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine de Bourgh, respectively, are very much worth noting. They totally stole the show in their scenes.
This movie also reminds me of classic horror flicks in that almost all modern horror films are super gory; this one takes a different approach in not being bloody. All the more shocking things happened off-screen, allowing the audience the use of their imagination. Definitely far more effective than just showing it onscreen.

As far as Books vs. Movies, who wins? Book. Why?

The book shows good scenes that the movie omitted. Such scenes include Elizabeth's best friend Charlotte being infected and attempting to conceal it, Wickham sufferinga different fate, Georgina actually being in the story, going into further detail of the Bennetts' training, and a terrific battle between Elizabeth and Catherine. Also, a departure is that the book is much more violent. This left the movie feeling choppy to me. It would do better with an additional half hour to flesh out the details. That being said, the movie is still exceptional with what it has to offer. See it, but you will crave reading the book more.

Next Time: Zootopia.

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