Sunday, May 8, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Review

Since 2012, Avengers has been my favorite Marvel film. As of last night, Avengers is now my second favorite Marvel film.
I can say without any hesitation that Civil War blew Avengers out of the water. Let's dig in.

With any epic superhero battle, there's always bound to be casualties amongst civilians. That being said, the government decided to have the Avengers answer to the world governments about when and where they should intervene. Captain America says that his team shouldn't have to answer to them, since officials have a tendency to be corrupt. Iron Man says because innocent people get hurt, that they should be held accountable for their actions. With Iron Man and Captain America clearly on opposite sides, the rest of the team is split down the middle with their opinions on the situation. With twists and turns at every corner, all of our heroes are sympathetic to where we don't want to see them fight and yet this conflict still looms on them.

This movie has a lot of main characters, so I'll try to consolidate the best I can. Captain America and Iron Man both have valid reasons for their opposite stands on the Registration and both sides are played out well in the movie. It does a good job of not favoring any one side, so that the audience can choose for themselves, rather than let the film choose for them. Other characters I enjoyed are:

-Vision and watching him learn to adapt to humanity.
-Scarlet Witch and seeing her grow as a character, expanding her powers, and finding her place with the team.
-Falcon is played extremely well in this movie. His relationship with Cap is one of the treats that you can take away from this.
-It's good to see Bucky have more dialogue and not be as homicidal/brain-washed as he was in Winter Soldier.
-It's always a delight to see Ant Man interact with the others and now we get to see him use a brand new skill. That was just plain awesome.
-War Machine keeps getting better each time he's in a movie and we get to see even more the depth of his friendship with Tony.

Now, let's talk about our new characters.
Black Panther: 
I'm so glad that he has a solo movie scheduled, because he deserves it. How cool is it that we have a king as a superhero? Chadwick Boseman does a splendid job of acting, including the Wakandian accent. We watch his portrayal of a prince who has kingship thrust upon him due to the death of his father and every step he goes through to set matters right. By the end we see a character growth that makes me excited for his movie.

I know many people were skeptical about having a third version of Spidey in just over a decade, but Marvel bought all Spider-Man related characters from Sony, so now we can see them done in the way he was meant to be. That being said, we will NOT be having another origin story for Spidey. We all know how he got his powers, so it's not needed. Instead we see Tom Holland as Peter Parker having already been Spider-Man for six months and in my opinion Holland is a sigh of relief. We no longer have 30 year old men trying to be teenagers, we have Spidey at sixteen years old in high school living with Aunt May, played by Marisa Tomei. Being the youngest character gives a whole new dynamic to the team. Hearing everyone's opinion on Spidey was just hilarious and every line he said was perfect with the character. Safe to say that the future of Spider-Man is in good hands, and I'm ready for his movie next year!

Baron Zemo:
I think Zemo is my favorite MCU villain. He's not Darth Evil McBadguy who wants to destroy/rule the world, because reasons. He knows he will lose if he takes on the Avengers, so instead he plants seeds of discord amongst them. Why? So he can avenge the death of his family from the Sokovia incident. Good job for finally making a compelling villain, Marvel.

Final Thoughts:
I will say that this is the best superhero movie of 2016. The story, acting, dialogue, effects, and development are at their best. Marvel has a high standard when it comes to making films and this is no exception. Worth every penny.

Next Time:
It's either Through The Looking Glass or X-Men: Apocalypse. I haven't decided yet.

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