Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Magnificent Seven (2016)

As you may know, westerns aren't my preferred genre; for whatever reason I just wasn't invested in the plots for most western films. That being said, I was highly looking forward to this Magnificent Seven. 

Greedy real estate developer, Bartholomew Bogue, is stealing a small town's gold and other resources for himself and leaving the people destitute. This town decides to hire seven shady men to help them fight back.

The plot is a bit simple, but this movie's strength is in the characters. This film has an impressive all-star cast and all of them have amazing chemistry on screen. No one is two-dimensional; each one has a distinct personality, and you're never confused about what each person's agenda is. Even better is that despite never learning the depth of their backstories, it is not necessary due to the dialogue and action supplying all the entertainment.

What I appreciate is that this is a traditional western, but it's modern enough so that it is not dated. For instance, many current westerns use the gimmick of unnecessary gore, but this film does not utilize such scenes.

Overall, if you want a fun and entertaining film to watch, then definitely check this out. Everything is done so well and while the plot is simple, it's just an enjoyable movie that far surpasses the original.

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