Monday, May 8, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2

Well, here we have the first Marvel movie of 2017 and it's the sequel to a movie that everyone just flat out loves. How does the sequel compare to what happened before? 


Rest assured, this movie is wonderful and just does a great job with handling themes such as family and how you don't have to be related to become a family. It's not something you see so much in comic book films, at least not at this level. I do love how it wasn't heavy handed and just kept the right balance with the action and humor. 


I will say that the bare plot of this movie isn't really the best plot. Essentially, Star Lord meets his dad for the first time and adjusts to the consequences with it. Even though the plot is weak, that's okay because the characters are just fun to watch when they're with each other. This isn't a plot driven movie, it's a character driven one; and the benefit of that is you see how each character grows over time. The best examples of this are Rocket and Yondu. Overall this helps you to see them be an even better team and family.


New characters included Star Lord's dad, Ego, and his assistant, Mantis. Both are interesting additions to the movie, but I think more could've been done with both of them. Although I'm happy that everyone from the previous movie had more depth to them.


Final Thoughts:

If you loved the last movie, you'll definitely love this. It has the same emotions and tones from before and puts them in a new way that gives you action, heart, and humor. An absolute blast to watch.


Next Time:

DC. Fourth time's the charm, right? Let's see how you handle Wonder Woman. 

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