Monday, July 10, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Spider-Man has had a pretty complicated movie history in the last fifteen years having six movies, three actors, and two reboots you can see where the confusion comes from.

However, in Civil War Spidey has been successfully established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with promise of another trilogy on the way. And while most people loved his appearance in Civil War, could Tom Holland carry a whole film to himself?

Having watched this movie, I'm fully on board with Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. No disrespect at all towards the previous actors, but I do think that Holland does an excellent job with this character. He had that nerdy frantic personality, constantly wants to help people, and still has that room for growth in future movies. Moving forward, we'll see Peter during his high school years, which is where some of the best Spidey stories take place. In the past, the movies were always in a hurry to get Peter out of school, but here it takes its time to see the character change and improve in his skills. Holland plays the part of a teenager perfectly well and you're fully invested with his character. Another thing they do well is making his life as Peter just as epic as his life as Spider-Man. A huge plus for this movie.

Michael Keaton plays the main villain here and he does a good job. Marvel movies don't have the best villains overall, but Keaton does stand out. I appreciate that the movie shows his past and how he became an arms dealer alien technology. He doesn't overplay this part, but just manages to give you enough menace to make him a threat, yet you completely understand where he's coming from. I also appreciate that they show him having a sense of honor to his family, his cohorts, and even to Spidey.

Other Characters:
This movie knows how to do supporting characters extremely well. 
Peter's friend, Ned has a great partnership and chemistry with Holland;

Marissa Tomei as Aunt May was fun to watch and how she's far more aware of Peter's actions than what she lets on.

It was great to see Tony Stark and Happy Hogan again as the mentor/student relationship with Peter. Again, great interactions done in a natural way.

Liz was a fun love interest that doesn't have any sappy moments. It's fun and even cute to see her with Peter. And the twist that happens with her in the movie had great mounting tension.

It was great to see several villains show up prior to most of them having powers/skills. Nice seeds planted for sequels in the potential Sinister Six.

Final Thoughts:
While I do love the previous five movies, I have a huge passion for this movie. Everything moves at a smooth natural place, the action and character moments keep you invested, and the dialogue is realistic and charming. Overall, it was a great optimistic feel good movie. I think it was a smart decision to play this a teenage comedy without any of the cliques that features a superhero. It's lighthearted approach was needed after the emotional weight from both Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. I for one highly look forward to the rest of the trilogy and the crossovers that Spidey will have.

Next Time:
War of the Planet of the Apes.

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