Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cinderella Review/apologies

Okay. Cinderella review. First I want to apologize for being EXTREMELY inactive. This won't be a problem now.

How many ways are there to tell this story? Well so far there are 4 versions that stand out to most people. It's with good reason that this story has been told so many times, honestly it's THE most popular fairy tale since it's dealing with the rags to riches storyline that we all love and has been a plot point in many stories.

How does Disney's 2015 live action version stand up?

Cinderella: The actress while charming and likeable conveys a little too much whimsy even to the point that she's a little out of touch with her immediate surroundings. She does make up for it near the end, but it's a little too brief for my taste. My favorite version of this character is Drew Barrymore from Ever After. She expressed all range of emotions from whimsy, happy, anger, and depression.

Lady Tremain: I love Cate Blanchett as an actor. She does do the vain snark greatly and gives a reason why she act cruelly. Even answers the question that always bugged me about this character, which I won't spoil. Cate wins this round.

Prince: BIG improvement on this character! He actually has lines, a name, a personality, and takes action! Could it be better? Yes, but he already had plenty of positives and the movie demonstrated the urgency for him to be married. Clearly the best improvement of all the characters!

Fairy Godmother: First off. I love Helena Bonham Carter. She never steered me wrong before, but I'm not really sure what she was doing with this character. Imagine Marilyn Monroe as a fairy, and that's pretty close to what you see in the movie. It also never addressed the biggest problem in any version of Cinderella. If she knew Cinderella was having problems, what took her so long to do anything? I really wanted to love her, but I just couldn't.

Imagery: Everyone and their grandmothers knows that Disney makes things look good and this is no exception. It has great use of color, which is a nice change of pace given the washed out look of recent films. Also they took advantage of it being a fairytale and not make it historical or specific to country or era of time. Further showing showing it could be anywhere/anywhen and still be relevant. You always know how to paint a picture, Disney.

Overall opinion:
It didn't exceed my expectations, but it did meet them. If you like fairytales, Cinderella, and Disney you'll love this. If not, don't waste your time.

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