Monday, March 28, 2016

BvS: Dawn of Justice part 2

My friend Aguerro decided to take a stab at reviewing movies, so here's his take on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Take it away!

While I do agree with Watchman on some points there are a few things I believe he missed.

Superman/Clark Kent:
I too have mixed feelings. I feel they showed too much of Superman and not enough of Clark Kent. I want to see how he has adapted to regular life as well as trying to deal with the media portraying Superman as a threat.

Batman/Bruce Wayne:
Bat fleck did not disappoint in some areas. Ben Affleck did well as far as training, fighting criminals, and showing detective work. As for the detective work I don't think it has been shown as well as this movie before. On the other hand I don't like him using guns, killing, and branding people. Those are not qualities I remember with Batman. Sure in the past he did use guns in the comics but more recently that is not in his character.

Led Luthor:
Mark Zuckerburg with crazy hair. That is all.

Wonder Woman:
I did not think I would like Wonder Woman in this but I really did. They introduced her very well, her costume was good, and I look forward to her stand alone movie.

This character was just weird to me. As my friend Watchman had said it was a mix between Zod, Bizarro, and Lex. I simply didn't understand it. I also didn't like how he was killed off so soon. If you are gonna have a character like Doomsday he should be a villain throughout not the last 15 mins of the movie.

I loved Jeremy Irons as Alfred. The part felt right for him. It makes me wonder why Jeremy has not voiced Alfred in animated films. He gave advice as Alfred does and helped him out in detective work or fixing the bat suit. Maybe they could have shown him more but it was good for me.

I thought it was an ok movie. There was a lack of context to big points that left me with questions. What is with Lex obsession with God and the Devil? How did Lex find out Superman's identity? Why the wheelchair guy? If you go in expecting lots of action/violence you may enjoy it. If you go in expecting to see a Batman/Superman movie you will be disappointed. If I were to grade this movie I would give it a C-

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