Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Review

Some movies are set up for a sequel and some aren't. And for the ones that don't require a sequel but get one anyway, it shows that studios just want to make a profit. There's nothing wrong with making a profit as long as you're smart about it. However, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 completely missed that mark.

As stated, this movie wasn't necessary. No one was curious to know what was happening to this family thirteen years after the previous movie's release date but since they made it, I was hoping it would be a decent sequel. It proved to be otherwise. 

I did admire that they managed to get the original cast back and some of their jokes were actually pretty hilarious, but the story simply didn't make sense.

All the advertisements made it seem that Toula's daughter was going to get married and Toula would be going through the exact same motions her parents did with her wedding.  Instead, Toula's parents, Gus and Maria, have an accident on their marriage certificate, so they haven't been legally married for over fifty years and the main plot was organizing this huge wedding for them. Meanwhile as a minor subplot, we see Toula and Ian's daughter, Paris preparing to go to college and then later prom.

Having Gus and Maria be the focal point in an extremely contrived way was admittedly original but it wasn't logical from the characters' perspectives, nor from an audience perspective. Really the focus should've been on Paris; she's the newest and most interesting character and we hardly know anything about her. If they did what the ads suggested and have her relationship/marriage be the story, then that would've been far more fascinating. Yeah, I know that's predictable, but RomComs usually are and at least it would've made more sense.

If you decide to watch this, do so for the acting and humor, but don't come expecting a good plot or character development. In short, they could've done so much more and they didn't. How disappointing.

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