Saturday, June 20, 2015

Inside Out Review

Pixar does it again with making a successful movie!

Inside Out tells the story of the emotions in our heads. Specifically Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Anger all that live inside the head of a little girl named Riley.

The voices for the emotions were perfectly cast and performed beautifully.
In many ways it reminded me of Toy Story, in the sense both movies feature a young kid that is cared for by non human sentient beings that humans are not aware that they exist and have lives of their own. Both movies also have two self proclaimed leaders for the child and find themselves lost with another character who is the opposite of the main protagonist and they resolve their issues by having a long "road trip" back home to help the child have a better life. Toy Story is my favorite Pixar movie and is the only movie where I have the lines memorized, so Inside Out is definitely on my top 5.
The moral for this one is to not be afraid to show your emotions, even if they're not always positive. A lesson both Joy and Sadness learn very well.

It has it's dark moments too, such as loneliness, running away,  and having the first Pixar character to commit "suicide." Though dark at times, it's still done tastefully. Definitely worth a watch, and it lets me know that they haven't lost their touch.

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